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Hotel Rivington: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

(That Heavy A** Red Curtain busted me in my face btw..)

Last night, a few friends and I wanted to get a couple of drinks before attending an event, so we stopped by the famous Hotel on Rivington in the LES (for all non-New Yorkers that's the acronym for Lower East Side). I have only been in there once back in the day for a casting call, but never really looked around and realized how beautiful this hotel was. The ambiance was great, the crowd was beautiful, but the night didn't end up so great....

The Good- The two attractive men that open the door for you before you enter the Rivington (lol). The hotel is gorgeous--from the architeture to the red carpet that covers the floor of the hotel. The atmosphere is really swanky, with a lot of industry heads and a business oriented crowd. If you haven't been there before, you should at least check it out once in a your life.

The Bad- Why was there only one bartender trying to serve a crowd of about 50 people? It took a while to get our drinks, and the bartender wasn't the sweetest person in the world.

The Ugly- Is this place another Tenjune? (you know what I'm talking about). Why did my friend have to wait 45 minutes for some Turkey Burgers as everyone else got their food within 10 minutes? When she nicely asked the bartender where her food may be, he was very rude to her and yelled "I DONT KNOW I PUT THE ORDER IN.. MISSSSSS". Totally uneccessary.  30 minutes later when I asked for his attention he put his finger up as if he didn't want to hear it and moved to the next customer. By the time the burgers came out, she no longer wanted them and the bartender showed no sympathy, he just slammed the burgers on the counter and ordered the bus boy to bring it back to the kitchen...


Hopefully by the time you visit this place the bartender will be fired. (damn, I should have got his name and put him on blast)

 Hotel on Rivington
107 Rivington Street between Essex and Ludlow
New York, NY 10002