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Dine Out: Harlem Heights Edition

In a recent interview with, Briana, an outspoken cast member from BET's new Harlem based reality series "Harlem Heights", defends the show's sometimes criticized depiction of "The Real Harlem": “I’m not sure how you can represent the ‘real Harlem.’ I am Harlem. I stay in Harlem, I pay taxes in Harlem, I hang out in Harlem, my friends live in Harlem…No, I’m not from Harlem but New York is full of people that are not from here. And that’s what makes it so diverse and that’s what makes it different from the rest of the world. It’s not where you’re from and it’s where you’re at, and I’m in Harlem.”

Me, being a NYC transplant from Atlanta, GA myself, I couldn't agree more. One of the things that I do like the most about the show is that it focuses on all of the hot spots in Harlem, and gives us the scoop on where to visit if we do venture uptown.


We're greedy bloggers, so of course, we're always looking for the best places to eat in the city. With that being said, these Harlem Heights folks laid out a cool site that showcases all of their favorite spots, and tell why they like these places. This way, if you're ever in Harlem, you have no excuse not to know where to visit. Some of the spots highlighted include Harlem Lanes, Body nightclub, Covo (love Italian food!), Rack and Soul, and more.

Check out their "Harlem Spots" HERE