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Should You Respect Your Man's Privacy?

His phone is locked. He doesn't like you standing around him when he's online. He leaves the room frequently to answer the phone. Hm. You might have a problem. Discussing relationship issues in the office is very common in our world. Yesterday, a friend asked, "Is it wrong to look through your husband's phone and email without him knowing?" My immediate response was, "Heck no, you should never do that. You'll find something you probably won't like." I said this, knowing damn well that I've looked through each of my X's phones while they stepped out of the room. So, ATF went to our twitter friends and asked the question:
Is it okay to go through your boyfriend's phone without him knowing?
And these are the responses we got:twitter Yeah, It is a bad thing to go through your man's phone because--well you should be able to trust them enough to feel like you don't have to snoop around. And most of the time, when you do snoop around, you're more likely to find something that won't make you too happy. In a personal experience, I ignored something I saw in my X's phone: martine In my case, too many signs were pointing to the fact that he was cheating. Looking through his phone was immature and dumb, I should have just walked away from the situation entirely.  Being insecure about your relationship causes you to go out of your way to search for problems. Ian Jarrell says:
I feel that anything you do out in the public should be able to be viewed..Twitter, Facebook, Myspace can all be check...but the phone is a big NO, NO...But beware when you go looking you may just find something you don't like
We would really recommend that if you are in a relationship, you should be able to trust a man enough that you don't have to go snooping around. But if you walk into a room and he's slamming his laptop shut or getting off of the phone quickly---then you might have a little problem and it's something that should be discussed rather than searching through his personal things behind his back.