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ATF Exclusive Interview: Brutha

The R&B group Brutha is tired of being under-rated and over looked. They originally obtained commercial fame from having their own hit reality show on BET Brothers to Brutha, but that same show also seemed to have distracted viewers from their music. The Def Jam Records signees are now fighting for their voices to be heard among the stiff competition among boy bands. We chatted with the guys about how they dealt with Shakir Stewart's (Def Jam) untimely death, being inspired by The Jackson 5, and their thoughts on Day26. We also put them through the "rumor mill". Check out everything after the jump... ATF: So how have you guys been doing? Brutha: We been doing great just grinding. The last project didn’t do as good as we hoped it would do. So we’ve been grinding it out to make sure that this next project is perfect. The album is coming really, really soon. It’s all about this music man. ATF: So what has been the biggest change thus far with making this new album? Brutha: Well first off, this album is more us. We weren’t allowed to be ourselves on the last album. But this time we have made a great body of work. So people are going to now here what we have inside. ATF: So what is the production like on this album? Brutha: This album is full on baby making music. (Laughs). We got Rick Ross on the album. The album is basically the stories of our lives.
brothers to brutha
ATF: So is their going to be a second season of the show, Brother to Brutha? Brutha: Um No. We aren’t really focusing on reality shows right now. We are just focusing on our music. Last time we focused on that show and it kind of took away from the music. It’s just 100% about the music now. ATF: So do you think that being on a reality show was a smart thing to do? Brutha: Well yeah because it got us out there and got our foot in the door. It served its purpose then but we are on a different page now. shakirstewart ATF: Now we know that Shakir Stewart of Def Jam was a big driving force behind you guys at Def Jam Records. How do you feel being at Def Jam without him being around anymore? Brutha: It’s definitely hard without Shake being around. He was not only apart of our project, he was like family to us. We grew really close to him and learned a lot from him. It’s hard but he would want us to keep it pushing you know. ATF: So where do you see Brutha in the next 5 years? Brutha: Well we hope to still be making music and singing together. You know a lot of groups break-up when the get successful. We want to stay together and at least put out an album a year. We want to tour across the world and perform in front of millions of people. singing ATF: So with the recent passing of Michael Jackson everyone memories of him are all over the place. A lot of people remember Jackson 5, which is pretty similar to you guys being that your all brothers. What did the Jackson 5 and MJ mean to Brutha? Brutha: Man the most! The Jackson family period meant a lot to us. Our father use to make us copy everything Mike would do. He made us all learn the song “ABC” front to back. The Jackson 5 was the first inspiration for us. IMG_0068 ATF: So besides the Jackson 5, what other groups blue print do you follow? Brutha: Most definitely Jodeci, also Boyz II Men and New Edition. We were influenced by every group that was considered great. Our dad was big on teaching us who the greats were. day26album450 ATF: Now you know there aren’t many groups that are out right now, besides like Day26. Who is really shutting it down right now. They just won Best Group at the BET Awards. What do you feel about being compared to them? Brutha: There really is no comparison. We are brothers; we have been together since we were little. They are actually a manufactured group. You know they gotta eat and we gotta eat. Our goal is to take over the lane and that’s what we gotta do. We don’t think any of these groups messing with Brutha right now. We are taking it to another level. It ain’t no comparison to those guys and us. They gonna have to respect us at the end of the day. ATF: Sounds like a MTV vs. BET rivalry to me. Brutha: (Laughs) what ever you say man. Rumor Mill age ATF: Now speak on this age mess Anthony. Anthony: You know what man I always answers questions about that our first time around we aren’t even focused on that now. It’s like the age who cares. We just want people to focus on our music. ATF: I am going to take that as a no comment. But readers mind are going to wonder. Anthony: I hope not, I hope they just focus on our music. grady1 ATF: Now another rumor that I have heard was that Grady was gay, down low, bi-sexual, whatever. Can you speak on those rumors? Grady: The rumors are untrue. I am heterosexual! I love women and only women. Print that! We are all players, that’s not even a question worth answering. For more Brutha, make sure you hit them on Myspace at Interview Conducted by Ian Jarrell