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Coffee Hour: Butt Implants (Real VS Fake)


We know you have heard all the whispers about this procedure that is hitting the entertainment industry like crazy. Butt implants are becoming more popular than breast implants in the urban community. With women like Beyonce and Buffy The Body walking around it's hard not to feel insecure. But why are women getting this done? Is it done to look better in clothes or get ahead in their careers?

Once upon a time the skinnier you were the more sexier you appeared to be. Now it seems the more thicker you are downstairs the more attention you get. The question also arises: are women doing it for themselves or for male admiration?

It seems like every woman that appears on the cover of a Black Men's magazine has to have a huge a$$...It was beautiful to see a curvier woman being praised on a magazine cover, but it seems like the only area that needs to be large is the behind...

ATF has complied research, reader feedback, and photographic evidence after the jump...

angel lola luv

This whole thing has been hush hush for years. When the model Angel Lola Luv came onto the scene we started to suspect something. She went from average pretty hood chick to pin-up model for 50 Cent. There's nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery, but it's an issue when you say you're all natural. Girl BOO!


ATF Female Reader: "I am naturally curvy woman, but no one can be like these woman on KING. Like white girl starve themselves to look like them heffas in VOGUE & ELLE...These chicks got us sistas running to our nearest surgeons. It's just sad."
ATF Male Reader: "It's really no big deal as long as it looks good and real. It's just gonna be a problem if I'm hittin it and I can feel rubber."

It's not just black women attaching themselves to this mess. White girls are also getting hip to this. Coco T is basically the poster child to white women with booties. We already know what type of man she was trying to attract with that manufactured body....

ATF Female Reader: "I hate seeing white girls with big behind because it seems like they are trying to impress our black men. All the white boys I know love big breast. That's why breast implants are so big in White America.
ATF Male Reader: "A white shawty with a fatty is crazy to me. But you don't really see that type of stuff in the hood. Like that girl that's with Drake now ass is crazy fat. Her name Shakur is something like that."

Here are women that have naturally curvy figures, who some people point fingers at for starting this craze.


Here are some tips to get a larger backside the natural way:





The key thing is to just be happy with what you got. There are men out there who like women 100% natural. If you do decide to enhance your body just do all your research. There are problem with all these cosmetic surgeries.