Woman Shouts 'Honor The President' At Show - Billy Crystal's Uses Trump's Words Against Her

Trump fans have to learn to take a little good-natured ribbing, it seems, and Billy Crystal is just the man to give it to them. The veteran comedian appeared on the 'Tonight Show' with host Jimmy Fallon and told him a story about his recent appearance.

Apparently, Crystal was being heckled by Trump supporters.

President Donald Trump has bragged about a lot of things, and one of those things is that he has 'the best words'.

To quote Trump, "I'm very highly educated. I know words, I know the best words."

So when Billy Crystal was doing his act one night during his stand-up tour, 'Spend the Night with Billy Crystal,' he knew just who to look to for the perfect words in dealing with a heckler.

Crystal tells Fallon he's not usually a 'big puncher' with political gags, though he'll throw one in here and there. One joke about Trump was very funny, but not particularly mean.

"This guy is so unpredictable," Crystal said, relaying the joke to Fallon, "I think this may be the first time the Secret Service wrestles the president down to keep him safe from us."

Crystal also joked that Trump has a lower popularity rating than the Zika virus.

Out of the darkness, then, came a female voice. An older woman shouted at Crystal, "Honor the president!"

Crystal says it's hard to deal with female hecklers, because he doesn't want to sound like a bully. But he realized with the woman's shouting that he was starting to lose the audience.

Crystal tried to explain to the Trump fan that it was all in good fun, just a little good-natured humor. This is not the first time a comedian has made a joke at a president's expense; it's hard to imagine there has been a president in the last few decades who wasn't made fun of by someone.

But the woman persisted with her shouts of, "Honor the president!"

Crystal says he turned to the woman and said, “Ma’am, I’m going to use your own president’s words on you if you love him so much,” said Crystal. “Get her out.”

That was the perfect Trump quote for the occasion. The woman should feel right at home.

That wasn't the end of the story, though. The woman was dragged out, much to the audience's delight, waving her fist and shouting.

Crystal thought that was the end of it, until a meet and greet that was planned for the end of the show.

The woman's husband apparently had a ticket to the back-stage meet and greet, and he approached Crystal. The comedian didn't know what to expect, but the man was actually quite pleasant and didn't seem upset at all.

"I love you," he told Crystal, as though he had no problem at all with the comedian ejecting his wife.

It’s not clear if he’s also a Trump supporter, but the man clearly was happy that someone put his rude wife in her place for once.

Source: HuffPost
Photo: YouTube

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