Parents Who Let Sick 5yo Choose 'Heaven or Hospital' Make Devasting Announcement

A little girl in Oregon who had been suffering from a serious illness all of her life was given a choice by her parents: 'Heaven, or hospital?' She chose Heaven, and her parents report that she passed away.

Julianna Snow passed away last Tuesday at age five. All of her life, the little Oregon girl suffered from Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease, an incurable neuromuscular disease. The disease and treatment are both very painful.

Julianna hated going to the hospital more than anything. Her parents gave her a choice last year: would she rather go to the hospital, or would she rather stay home and eventually go to Heaven? Julianna chose Heaven. "Don't worry. God will take care of me," she told her mother.

After Michelle Snow relayed the conversation on Facebook, the family was slammed by total strangers from around the world for allowing the child to make such a choice about her welfare. The parents, along with other people (many of whom had been the caregiver to a terminally ill person), defended the family for allowing Julianna to choose.

Mrs. Snow posted an announcement about Julianna's death online. “I am stunned and heartbroken, but also thankful. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world, for God somehow entrusted me with this glorious child, and we got almost six years together," she wrote.

Such a tragic loss; but sometimes, quality is better than quantity. Julianna got to live her life as she loved, her family report, and after a lifetime of pain and fighting she can finally rest.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Yahoo

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