Woman Threatens To Abort Baby If People Don't Do One Thing- Then Things Take A Turn

An expectant mother has apparently always dreamed of having a viral tweet. The mother decided to threaten the life of her own future child by demanding Twitter users spread her tweet around. She wrote that unless she got 4,000 retweets, she would terminate the pregnancy. As soon as she threatened abortion, people became furious.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter handle 'Saipanting', posted a selfie on Wednesday. The woman showed off her baby bump and proclaimed that she was 4 months pregnant.

She then added the disturbing threat, "4K RTs (retweets) & I won't abort it."

Twitter users went into an uproar over this threat. Another thread was opened by someone claiming to be the father of the unborn child. The man, using the handle 'RodriguezThaGod', responded to Saipanting's tweet with, "Instead of letting me know it was my baby you decided to come on Twitter with this bulls--t?"

"Sorry you had to find out this way," Saipanting responded.

"Holys--t," he answered back.

"That's why I asked you for money but you blocked me so f--k it," she responded.

"YOU. TOLD. EVERYONE. I. DIED. THEN YOU SOLD MY DOG FOR TICKETS TO A LIL PUMP CONCERT," RodriguezthaGod shot back at her. Many Twitter users followed the banter, amused.

But not everyone was amused, as some actually believed the woman's threats were authentic. "Why? Ever think this happened for a reason? You're already almost halfway there. You can get help and there are adoption agencies," said one Twitter user in the comments.

"How sad has to be your life to do this?" said another comment.

"To let retweets dictate if your [sic] going to keep your baby or not is just despicable," another said.

“Hope you burn in hell ----. There's a special place there awaiting people like you,” wrote another outraged commenter.

The pregnant woman later tweeted, "Local twitter is trash. Y'all take everything serious lmao ain't got no type of humor."

There were people who were actually relieved to know it was a joke and that a baby’s life was not in jeopardy. Still, in the uproar of abortion being nothing to joke about, she got her new, two-day old Twitter account off with a roaring start. She's already amassed thousands of followers.

In addition to the scandalous joke about aborting her baby, another scandal broke when the Twitter user admitted that she was just 16 years old.

"Hold up You're 16 & pregnant Why aren't you on Teen Mom yet?" responded another person.

It wouldn’t be surprising if that’s where this girl ended up. She seems to want attention, and she apparently knows just which buttons to push on people in order to get it. This might be a brilliant self-marketer in the making—the pregnant woman, not the unborn baby. In this day and age, there are plenty of people famous for being famous. It’s a living, and a single teen mom can probably use the work if she can get it.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Twitter

She posted the disturbing threat to Twitter.

Then things took a turn.

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