New Book Dishes On President Donald Trump, Calls Ivanka His 'Real Wife'

An explosive new book by author Michael Wolff has made some startling claims about President Donald Trump, his White House and his family. In ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’, Wolff claims to have gotten the inside scoop from White House insiders, including Trump's former Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon.

The unflattering depiction of the president is being devoured by Trump resisters, however with Wolff's history of relying on gossip and employing creative license, not everyone believes everything the book claims. For example, one thing that Wolff shares is that staffers in the White House refer to the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, as his 'real wife'.

Ivanka has taken a very active (though unofficial) role in her father's presidency, unlike her stepmother. Melania Trump, according to Bannon, 'openly wept' when Trump won the election.

The First Lady apparently never wanted the job. Bannon alleges that the POTUS and FLOTUS don't share a bedroom, and that she feels trapped in her new role that she never expected to have.

Melania has largely shied away from her duties, even neglecting to move to the White House until months after Trump took office. Ivanka and family, on the other hand, moved to D.C. before the inauguration.

Though Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, one of Trump's actual employed aides, were quick to grab for power, Wolff claims they quickly found the job not all it was cracked up to be.

"By July, Jared and Ivanka, who had, in less than six months, traversed from socialite couple to royal family to the most powerful people in the world, were now engaged in a desperate dance to save themselves, which mostly involved blaming Trump himself," he wrote.

With Ivanka being Trump's 'real wife', Communications Director Hope Hicks has been dubbed the president's 'Real Daughter'. The 29-year-old has gotten noticed by the president and is, according to Wolff, one of Trump's most powerful advisors.

"Hicks' primary function was to tend to the Trump ego, to reassure him, to protect him, to buffer him, to soothe him," wrote Wolff. "It was Hicks who, attentive to his lapses and repetitions, urged him to forgo an interview that was set to open the 60 Minutes fall season... Instead, the interview went to Fox News' Sean Hannity who, White House insiders happily explained, was willing to supply the questions beforehand."

Much of the book tries to paint the POTUS as an incompetent fool who is loathed by the vast majority of his administration.

"Trump, Wolff’s reporting shows, has no executive function, no ability to process information or weigh consequences," wrote Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times.

"Expecting him to act in the country’s interest is like demanding that your cat do the dishes. His enablers have no such excuse."

The book also asserts that Trump is loathed by just about everyone else. A long list of people apparently called the president names over the past year, including Rupert Murdoch calling Trump a 'f--king idiot' and fellow billionaire Tom Barrack calling him 'crazy' and 'stupid'.

Even Trump's aides claim the president is only 'semi-illiterate', Wolff says.

Some think Wolff, who is known to confuse rumor and fact, has poured it on too thick, and it’s only going to help Trump in the long run. The POTUS has long said the media is out to get him, and Wolff is only providing proof.

The New Republic's Alex Shephard says, "Wolff’s recklessness fuels the Trump administration’s critique of journalists and the media. It suggests that journalists really are out to get the president — after all, in Fire and Fury, Wolff suggests that journalists will print anything, so long as it casts Trump in a bad light."

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Rich Girard/Flickr, YouTube

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