Take a Technology Vacation: Disconnect so You Can Reconnect

For the last couple of decades, it's seemed like we couldn't get enough technology. Now, we can't seem to get away from it. When was the last time you spent an entire day without looking at a screen?
Thankfully, some folks are taking the initiative to help us all out by providing low- or no-tech retreats.

Go Camping

Why should kids have all the fun? Now adults can have fun. Indiana University owns camp Brosius in Wisconsin, where children and adults each have their own separate activity opportunities. Adults can do their own relaxing thing all day while the kids are under the guidance of counselors nearby. In the evenings, families can play board games or have fun around the communal campfire.

Don't have kids? There are camps for adults, too. Consider Cultivate Ambition, Map Possibilities (CAMP) at Big Bear. They know that phone will always be a distraction as long as it's on your person, so they collect phones during activities to remove the impulse to check your messages.

Camp Grounded is even more serious, with their "Digital Detox" program. Technology is banned. "No technology, no watches, no phones, no screens, no talking about work, no networking," says founder Levi Felix.

Go To a Festival

Multi-day festivals offer a chance for a fun, healthy get-away to help you unplug and unwind. Wanderlust Festivals are held world-wide every year and offer beautiful scenery, healthy eating, physical fitness through yoga and peace of mind.

In Tulum, Mexico, you can enjoy Yoga Adventures-- another retreat that promotes health, wellbeing, and personal connections rather than digital distractions.

If you’re ready for a break from staring at those screens, be on the lookout for tech-free vacations. More and more are popping up all over the country. Let’s face it—we need them!

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