Ben Carson Stirs the Pot By Comparing America's Founders to ISIS

In a day and age where it seems there are several deadly and traumatic terror attacks occurring daily, it seems odd that a Republican presidential candidate would compare America's founding fathers to terrorists. Yet, that is exactly what he did. Physician Ben Carson declared that members of ISIS were willing to die for their beliefs, much like America's founders. Not to mention, he shared that ISIS does not compromise for the sake of political correctness. In addition, he stated that while ISIS promotes the wrong philosophy, that America could learn from their example in that regard.

Carson made these statements at the winter meeting of the Republican National Committee. Naturally, a firestorm ensued after his comments spread throughout the public. One of Carson's defenders is Reince Priebus, the current chair of the Republican Party. Priebus told NBC News, "I didn't think anything odd of it. I think he was making a point." Priebus also reiterated his support for Ben Carson by tweeting, “Thank you, @RealBenCarson for addressing the @GOP Winter Meeting!"

To date, Carson is performing quite well in early Republican primary polls. In a recent CNN poll, Carson finished 3rd behind Jeb Bush and Chris Christie while staying ahead of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and more. Carson also took the initiative to blame the media for any controversy stirred by saying that journalists are attempting to make a "craziness narrative." While it is true that there are probably fewer Americans willing to die for their beliefs than in previous generations, the comparison to ISIS might not have been the best way to make a point.

Photo Credit: Christian Post

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