Dogs Rescued Before They Could Be Eaten

The Humane Society International has rescued dogs that were about to be killed and eaten in South Korea, the Daily Mail reported.

In September, volunteers with the organization saved 103 canines at a dog-meat farm, then destroyed the facility with fire. They placed 10 puppies, along with their mothers, in foster care in Seoul until the pups were old enough to travel. Last week, the dogs flew to San Francisco to start new lives with loving pet owners.

One of the puppies initially called Adam and later named Freedom, made the volunteers cry with happiness when he learned to walk shortly after being saved. Humane Society Vice President Kitty Block reported on the group’s website that the dog stayed in a hotel with his rescuers and accompanied them to news conferences, meetings and dinners.

“Visiting these dog-meat farms never gets any easier, and so it fills my heart with joy to know that these puppies have been spared a life misery, and instead will live lives of love and freedom and compassion, so different to the life of suffering and death that awaited them before we closed down the farm,” the society’s Lola Webber said in a written statement.

The organization noted that more than 2 million dogs annually are bred for human consumption in South Korea. Until they are electrocuted, the animals reportedly live in dirty, crowded cages with inadequate food and water. Restaurants and individuals buy the dogs and eat them, often in stews, according to the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin.

Photo: WXYZ

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