Donald Trump Jr. Regrets Wearing This Shirt

These days, if you've got a photo of an unpopular personality, photo editing software and a social media account, you've got the makings of a party. People can exercise their creative juices with a few simple pushes of a button and create something hysterical. You'd think someone in the public eye would know better than to give them inspiration.

Donald Trump Jr. made a poor choice this week when he posed for a photo to show off his T-shirt. Trump Jr. was out by the pool with his family at their Sunny Florida estate, and he wore a green T-shirt with the phrase 'Very Fake News' printed on it in white.

Trump has been the butt of a few jokes in the past week, such as when he posted that he got stuck behind the Wienermobile while driving in Maine. People laughed about never seeing so many wieners out for a drive at once.

He angered a lot of people when he spread around a photo of a bowl of Skittles, the official candy of diversity (can you taste the rainbow?), only to add the sick question, "If I gave you a bowl of skittles and three of them were poison would you still eat them?"

He's talking about refugees, of course; oddly enough, it doesn't strike him that the same argument could be used for gun owners.  

The T-shirt, however, inspired a whole new host of tweets about Mr. Trump. It didn't help that he was holding his thumbs out like he thought he was Fonzie.

Someone photoshopped a picture onto the shirt of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the phrase 'Besties' written across the top.

Someone else replaced the message with a new message: if my dad wasn't rich, I'd be screwed.

Other people thought the best photoshop job went to a person who simply cropped it enough so instead of reading 'very fake news,' the shirt simply said, 'very fake.' 

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Instagram

Trump Jr. trolled for wearing 'fake news' shirt.

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