Electoral College Could Overturn Trump’s Victory

Hillary Clinton may still become the nation’s next president, Paul Abrams suggested in an op-ed for The Huffington Post.

He pointed out that the Constitution empowers members of the Electoral College to vote for anyone, not just the candidate who received the most electoral votes in their states. The country’s founders set up the system that way so “a small group of (at the time) men could exercise a sober second-thought on the election of the president,” according to Abrams.

He quoted Alexander Hamilton, who wrote that the task of choosing a commander-in-chief should be left to “men most capable of analyzing the qualities” required for the job. The statesman argued that allowing the voters to decide could lead to “tumult and disorder.”

Abrams, claiming that Trump’s case “raises unique questions,” asked: “First, is he really fit to be president? One might argue that the people have made that judgment … but have they? This conclusion has nothing to do with his opinions or even his being a sexual predator, but rather that he displays all the signs of a sociopathic personality disorder.”

Abrams declared that one reason to reject Trump is that he lost the popular vote to Clinton. “The second (reason) is even more telling: the involvement of a foreign government, an adversary, in our elections,” he wrote. “This is no longer rumor or innuendo. It was confirmed by the intelligence service, and now confirmed by Russia itself. Consider additionally that we still do not have Trump’s taxes that would show Trump’s financial relationships to the very country that meddled in our elections.”

Source: The Huffington Post
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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