Former Clinton Aide Links Russian Hacking To Watergate

The cyber attacks on Democratic officials during the presidential race were just as bad as Watergate, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager suggested Tuesday.

The Hill reported that the ex-staffer, Robby Mook, argued in an op-ed for The New York Times that Congress must take action to ensure future elections are not vulnerable to hacking. He expressed disappointment that the nation’s response to the attacks on the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign staff was “nothing like what followed Watergate … because most of us don’t think of hacking as a crime like breaking and entering.”

Mook admitted that until last year, he considered hacking just a “prank by mischievous tech-savvy people to get revenge.” He wrote that “it wasn’t until I lived through the Russian hackings of Democratic staff members and organizations that I realized how dangerous such an attitude could be.”

According to U.S. intelligence officials, Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered the attacks on Democrats’ computers in an attempt to help Donald Trump win the election. Mook warned that “unless we realize how vulnerable we are, we are playing into the hands of foreign aggressors like Mr. Putin.”

The former campaign manager ridiculed Trump for having “compared hacks to leaks to the news media.” Mook explained: “They’re not the same. A leak occurs when someone who is authorized to have information gives it to a reporter without authorization.”

Source: The Hill
Photo: YouTube

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