High School Friend Spilling Secret Details About Melania And Donald Trump’s Marriage

There has been much speculation about what's going on behind closed doors in the President's household. It's odd enough that Donald Trump is living in the White House, while Melania Trump is living 200 miles away in New York City. Some speculate that the marriage is a fraud, in a shamble or just a loveless relationship of convenience. An old high school friend stepped up to put an end to speculation.

According to Express, a friend of Melania Trump says that there's a reason why Donald and Melania's marriage has lasted, and will continue. The first lady's old high school chum, Vladimira Tomšič, says that Melania's traditional values keep them together.

“The secret of why he’s with her is her traditional values and the importance of family to her,” Tomšič claims.

This may be true. Melania has shown herself to be a doting mother. Her whole reason for remaining in New York City, separated from her husband and costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, is because she says she wants to allow Barron Trump, the couple's 11-year-old son, to finish out the school year.

After all, your father becoming president can cause a bit of an upheaval in life; staying in your usual school and your comfortable home is no doubt giving Barron a sense of security as he adjusts to the big change.

Still, there are a lot of odd things about the Trumps' relationship. Rumor has it that even when they're at the same estate, the two don't sleep in the same room. Melania has often looked positively miserable when she didn't realize the cameras are on her. President Trump has avoided holding her hand and tried to walk several paces in front of her on many occasions.

Maybe Melania is old-fashioned — a little too old fashioned, perhaps? Whatever it is, their close friends and family say it’s working for them.

Source: Inquisitr
Photo: Instagram

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