Sanders Could Pull Off Stunning Upset By Beating Clinton

Despite the news media’s insistence that Hillary Clinton is the inevitable Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders continues to confound the pundits by attracting large crowds and rising in the polls.

British political commentator Matt Turner, in an op-ed for The Hill, pointed out that the Vermont senator is doing better in national surveys of Democratic voters than Barack Obama eight years ago. Hillary Clinton led the Illinois senator by 30 percentage points in October 2007. At the same time in the current election cycle, her lead over Sanders was just 20 points.

According to one recent poll, Sanders is ahead of the former secretary of state by 10 points in New Hampshire, the site of the first primary vote. Surveys in Iowa, which will hold its caucuses on Feb. 1, show the candidates in a virtual dead heat. National polls indicate that Clinton’s lead is slowly eroding.

Turner wrote that “the tide turned after Obama’s first primary victory (in Iowa in 2007), and the tide can easily turn again.” He suggested that if Sanders is victorious in Iowa and New Hampshire, he could be poised for an upset. The senator’s campaign has organized an impressive organization in many states and raised more money than the combined total of all of the Republican contenders, despite having received just 1/23rd as much news coverage as Donald Trump, according to the commentator.

Photo: Washington Post

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