Couple Attempting To Have A Romantic Dinner End Up Fighting For Their Lives

A Saudi man named Naef Zakaria Al Wazan was on a date with his wife on New Year's Eve in Istanbul when things went horribly wrong.

The two were among the survivors of a terrorist attack at Reina nightclub that left 39 people dead.

Wazan's wife described in an interview at the hospital how the festive evening became a frightening bloodbath.

"When the song (lyrics) said "Okay Let's Go"... I heard (shooting) like, dat dat dat dat dat," she commented.

Her husband simply said: "Thank God we are okay, we are safe."

A bullet shot by the terrorist in the attack wet through the civil engineer's shoulder and out his back. His wife was shot in her knees. After the shooting, they both lay in pain on the floor of the nightclub unable to run for their lives.

Believing he was going to die soon, Wazan gave his wife his ring as the shooting went on just a few feet away from them.

"He was like saying if I die just be with my son until he gets older and after that live your life. I love you. Know how much I love you," Wazan's wife recalled about the terrifying moments.

Source: CNN
Photo: CNN

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