Coworkers of Chick-fil-A Manager Perform Amazing Act of Kindness

Shelley Kurasaka is a Chick-fil-A employee who recently found out that she is facing a life-changing diagnosis. She is the manager of the company's Athens, Georgia location.

Kurasaka was diagnosed with a genetic condition that will eventually cause her kidneys to fail. Since May, her kidneys have declined, and doctors at the Emory Transplant Center have approved her request for a transplant. Unfortunately, Kurasaka does not have the two to four years to wait for a match.

Her coworkers learned of her plight and organized a social media campaign called Shelley's Search for a Kidney. The objective is to find a matching living donor for Kurasaka. She is now confident a match will be found.

Kurasaka said, “I have placed my future in God’s hands and trust that He will lead someone to come forward and graciously provide this gift of life.” She is hoping to find a willing kidney donor with Blood Type A+.

Anyone can help through the Emory Transplant Center.

Photo: Fox 5 Atlanta

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