Dad Put Something In Donuts- Then Gave It To Kids

When a married couple splits up, things can get ugly. Sometimes, one party can take things way too far. One mand is now potentially facing charges after he allegedly attempted to poison his estranged wife and children. The attempt came after his wife took out a restraining order on him because he made death threats.

Gulam Nabizadah, a 54-year-old father in Centreville, Virginia, is being investigated by the Fairfax County Police Department. The husband allegedly spiked donuts with a fatal substance in an attempt to poison his family. One child noticed something odd about the donuts after biting into them.

Nabizdah's wife had taken out a restraining order on her estranged husband in November. She alleges that she received death threats from her ex.

A week after the order was granted, Nabizadah had a visitation with the children. He gave them a box of chocolate glazed donuts to take home.

The children went home and one daughter bit into the donuts, immediately realizing something was wrong. According to reports, she thought they tasted terrible. She also noticed that there was something black inside that resembled charcoal. She examined the donuts more closely and found a slit on each side.

The family put the donuts in the freezer and the mother reported the incident to police. They pastries were tested, and tests showed they contained a chemical found in mothballs, called naphthalene. The chemical can cause liver damage or neurological damage if ingested. Consuming the chemical can result in death.

Police raided Nabizadah's home and found ant bait, shoe polish, some plastic utensils with substances on it, and charcoal. They seized the items, as well as a phone.

Police are continuing the investigation and Nabizadah has not yet been charged, though he is being questioned. His wife and children are remaining silent at the moment.

One person who is speaking out in the father's defense is his sister. She tells NBC Washington that she doesn't believe her brother would ever do such a thing.

"I know that everything that happened, his ex-wife is doing the stuff because they're fighting against child custody," the woman said. "I know from the bottom of my heart that he didn't do it. He's not that evil."

She believes that the mother had something to do with the incident.

According to FBI data, custody battles can sometimes drive parents to desperate measures in a sick effort to 'win' a battle with the other parent. Some 450 children are killed by a parent per year, notes FBI homicide data, and most of those happen in the midst of divorce or custody battles, reports USA Today.

More often, it’s the father who is driven to such extreme acts, but only by a fairly small margin. Often, the incidents involve a murder-suicide.

"They may feel like they've suffered a catastrophic loss… and they go on a suicidal rampage," says Jack Levin, Northeastern University criminologist who studies mass killings, to USA Today.

The tragic incidents often make headlines, but are hard to digest. In California, a 40-year-old dad killed his two children and then hanged himself. In Pennsylvania, a mother wrote a post on Facebook telling her husband that he doesn't deserve their son, and she proceeded to kill the infant and herself.

Thankfully this time, the alleged attempt was thwarted.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Fox 5 DC, Daily Mail

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