Family Says If It Wasn't for Their Dog, They Wouldn't Be Alive Right Now

At the end of the day, families look forward to winding down and getting a little rest. As the day comes to a close, the dinner dishes are done, baths are taken, kids are tucked in and parents lay their weary heads down on their pillows looking forward to a few blissful hours of sleep.

Snug and secure in their own beds, it's not a time when many people stop to ponder whether or not they're in grave danger.

As it turned out for one family, they were in danger. They had no idea that their lives were being threatened, but thankfully the family dog could smell the danger. She ended up rescuing the humans.

The Damrill family of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma say that Doree, their Saint Bernard, saved their lives. Jack Damrill says Doree woke him up late one night barking and whining by the bed.

“Probably about 2 o’clock in the morning Doree started whining, or had been whining, for a little while," the owner said. "Kind of pacing around the bed.”

Jack ordered Doree to settle down, but the 160 lb. dog seemed to have her mind made up. She continued to complain, refusing to let the family go back to sleep.

After a while, the family cats began wailing as well. "Looking back on it, I remember the cats meowing very loud,” Damrill said.

That's when the Damrills began to wonder if there was something they missed. They got out of bed, and immediately could smell the gas.

Damrill says that he went into the kitchen and found that the flame of one of the gas burners had gone out, but that no one noticed. The burner was left on 'low', and all night it had been pumping natural gas into the house.

Doree smelled it first, and was thankfully smart enough to realize danger was afoot. The cat eventually smelled it too, which was why she chimed in with a chorus of warnings. Mr. Damrill says that Doree may have prevented what could have been a deadly accident.

"The firefighters were talking and they said, 'Well, the worst-case scenario is your house could have been ended up in match boxes across the street. Which means, it would have blown up," Damrill tells KOCO News.

Another terrible possibility is that the gas could have asphyxiated the family in their sleep, causing them all to die quietly without struggle or notice. Just thinking about it is enough to make a person shudder.

The Damrill family is extremely grateful to the pets, particularly Doree, and plans to reward her well.

"I think we're going to buy a big old steak for her because she likes food and I think she deserved a steak tonight, no doubt about it," Jack concluded.

The Damrill family is very religious, and in their spiritual beliefs, these things are no accidents. While Doree played an important role, they believe this was divine intervention.

“We’re very faithful people. We believe in Christ and we believe He does a lot in our life and we believe He acted to save our life last night by allowing this dog to use its sense of smell to alert us to what could have been a tragedy in this house blowing up.”

Source: Womans Daily
Photos: UPI. Tomorrow Woman, You Tube

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