Fight Erupts Between Parents And Students During A Football Game

It’s not surprising that emotions can sometimes get out of control at high school basketball games. The players are young men with lots of hormones and poor judgement, so an occasional fight among players or even a brawl involving several players from both teams is almost inevitable.

That said, when parents in the stands of a high school basketball game start to brawl after the game is over, then it’s obvious things have gone too far.

But apparently, that’s exactly what happened when the Wooster Generals beat rival Lexington Minutemen 63-41 in an Ohio high school basketball game on Friday evening, when a brawl broke out in the stands after the final buzzer.

According to a couple of local media sources, parents from both teams and students from Wooster were involved in the scuffle. It seems that no charges have been filed to date, although police are still investigating the incident.

The coaches wisely held both teams in their locker rooms until after police officers gained control of the ugly situation in the stands.

Cardinal Conference commissioner Ron Dessecker noted he was "embarrassed" by the situation and laid the blame at the feet of the adults involved.

Source: Bleacher Report
Photo: YouTube

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