Guy Thought The Shirt His Ex Gave Him Was Sweet, Until He Found Out What It Really Said

There is an old saying: "Beware of ex-lovers bearing gifts."

And if it's not an old saying, it should be. If you thought Greeks bearing gifts could be scary, you have no idea what a scorned woman bearing gifts might be able to cook up. Old or new, the saying is true, and if people would only heed the warning, it would save them a lot of trouble. One guy had to learn the hard way when someone was able to translate the foreign message on his shirt.

A man on Twitter, who goes by the username 'Brohsen', couldn't help but share a little story with his followers. It seems his friend was the unwitting victim of a nasty prank.

Brohsen says his friend shared a picture in which he was wearing a t-shirt. He’s showing off the shirt with pride. It said 'Bhenchod', a Punjabi word, and it baffled Brohsen. Brohsen could speak Punjabi.

Brohsen contacted his friend to inquire about the shirt. He asked the guy where he got it.

The unnamed ex-boyfriend said that his former girlfriend had given it to him as a gift.

Brohsen asked the guy if he knew what the word meant.

The guy responded that it meant 'I love You' and that he thought it was beautiful.

Brohsen was in shock for a few seconds then says he burst out laughing. He had the pleasure of telling his buddy what the word actually meant.

Apparently, 'Bhenchod' in Punjabi doesn't mean 'I love you'. It means more along the lines of, 'I love my sister... too much.'

The technical term that the word translates to is 'sister-f--ker'.

The guy really thought he was flaunting a shirt proving that he and his ex had parted amicably, while instead she was getting the last laugh at his expense.

When Brohsen told people on Twitter, they also got a good laugh out of it.

"All he had to do was google," noted one person.

"It took me a sec to realize what it said, and then I pronounced it in my head and I was like OHHHHHHHHH," said another.

"Should teach men to stick to the girl and language they know and understand," said another.

"I would never wear a garment with a foreign word on it before checking the meaning even from my current BF," responded one Twitter user who saw this as a cautionary tale.

"I've seen this behavior before, and is even promoted in Indian films. Wen pretending 2 teach u Hindi,they make u mock urself unbeknownst," said another.

It seems that when you get dumped by someone, the last thing you should do is wear the message of their choice on a t-shirt in a language you don’t understand. Leave it to your good buddies, though, to point out your mistake, and to have an uproariously fun time with the story on social media.

Source: Metro
Photo: Twitter

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