Lyft Driver Acts Quickly After Passenger Tells Her ‘She Would Never See Her Children Again’

A Florida man was arrested for holding a female Lyft driver against her will and threatening her and her family.

Suspect Christopher Tyree Epperson was arrested when Florida state troopers discovered a 9mm pistol, duct tape and a glove in his pocket.

The Lyft driver, who was named Emilia, said Epperson instructed her to drive her SUV to various locations if she “ever wanted to see her children again.”

Emilia notes that she picked up Epperson at 7 am, but started worrying when her passenger changed the address twice in the first five minutes.

At that point, Epperson started to ask personal questions.

“He asked about my family,” Emilia said in an interview. “He asked me if you have children. I said, ‘Yes, I have children.’”

“He said, ‘Maybe you'll see your children no more.’”

Fearing for her life, Emilia kept driving around as she tried to figure out what to do, and eventually saw a Florida State Trooper.

She decided to follow the trooper, and fortunately he was heading to the Florida Highway Patrol station. When she pulled in the parking lot, she immediately jumped out of the car and flagged down a trooper.

Emilia explained to the trooper she feared for her life. The trooper asked Epperson to get out of the car and answer some questions.

One of the troopers on the scene noticed a large bulge in Epperson's pocket.

When he asked about the bulge, Epperson attempted to flee. He was captured after a brief chase, and the troopers removed a gun, duct tape and a glove from inside his pockets.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: NBC Miami

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