Man Floored By Response Home Depot Workers Gave Him After Asking Simple Question

The crew at a Texas Home Depot wanted to do a good deed when they met a special needs toddler who couldn't use a regular walker. Together, they custom-built one and delivered it to him.

Silus Johnson, age 2, suffers from Norrie Disease. The disease made him blind and he has low muscle tone because of it. The tot could never use a regular walker because they're too small for him.

Enter the employees at Home Depot. They built Silus a special walker that suited his needs. They pulled some PVC piping off the shelves to construct the frame. “I used the foam around the edges to make it soft, rope to secure the seat,” said Chris Wright, one of the mastermind engineers behind the special walker, to Fox4 Dallas. “Reflective tape on it to kind of help it stand out if they're out in public or something so that way you can see him."

Eric Bindel, Home Depot supervisor, describes the instant Silus received his special walker. “He started feeling around on it. You could tell he was happy. He was excited, basically. He started laughing and then started using his little feet to push himself backwards. I had a big smile. Everybody had a big smile, maybe a couple little tears here and there.”

Jessica Johnson, Silus' mother, is delighted. The walker will help her son gain a little bit of independence. The family wasn’t even charged for the walker; the Home Depot team gave it to Silus as a gift.

Source: Fox News
Photo: Fox 4 Dallas

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