Man Kills His Own Daughter - His Excuse Is Despicable

Murder, felonious assault, and domestic violence charges have been filed against an overly controlling dad after he shot his adult daughter in the head.

Tahani Mansour was taken to a local hospital after the shooting, but she died several hours later. In a recent hearing, father Jamal Mansour claimed the shooting was an accident. However, witnesses report that the father and daughter had been arguing for some time about her job as a pharmacist and the fact she had to travel sometimes.

A brother who was at the home at the time called 9-1-1 to report his father shot his sister in the living room. According to the police report, Tahani Mansour was shot twice in the head.

“We don't have a solid motive other than an argument occurred between a father and his daughter,” Lt. George Lichman of the Rocky River Police commented.

Police have also stated a video of Mansour loading his revolver just before the shooting has also come to light

Neighbor Dr. Joan Horvath says the family had lived in the home for quite a while, but were not seen much by anyone, and did not appear very social.

“I understand that they have children. I have never seen the children. I would not recognize them. I've seen the father cutting the grass and occasionally the mother puttering with flowers, but I have never seen the children,” Horvath noted in an interview with a local reporter. “The thought to me, of a father shooting a daughter, who is normally the apple of a father's eye, is so heartbreaking. What drove him to that. What are the dynamics of that family that made him feel that the only way to stop something is to shoot his daughter.”

Of note, Jamal Mansour was given a $4.5 million bond, and is still in jail awaiting trial.

Source: Fox19 Now
Photo: Fox19 Now

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