Mother Begs Her Teen Son To Give Himself Up To Police - Heartbroken By What He Did Next

A woman and a young man parked their car outside the Harris County, Tex., Sheriff’s Office just before dawn, and a deputy walked up to ask if he could help.

The red-eyed mother replied: “My son killed a man. I’m here to turn him in.”

The deputy asked the boy if this was right.

He replied “Yes,” then leaped out of the vehicle and put a pistol to his head. The deputy then pulled out his own gun, and told him to drop the weapon.

The teen just shook his head and pulled the trigger, falling to the ground with a fatal wound. The deputy and the boy’s mom had no chance to intervene. The young man died a few hours later at the hospital.

A friend of the teenager explained the sad backstory. According to the friend, he and the teen were just chilling at his house when the boy received a call from his girlfriend.

“He was like, ‘What are y’all doing?’ and she said, ‘I’m cheating on you right now.’ He got so
mad so he kept yelling. He told her and her boyfriend to come meet us, to talk,” the friend commented in an interview. “I don’t know why he was tripping over this one girl, but it was not worth it.”

Apparently, the girlfriend and the other man involved, 25-year-old Army veteran James Ayala, came over to the friend’s house later that night. There was a loud argument, the teenager pulled out a gun and shot Ayala, the friend said.

The mom of the shooter found out about the killing, and she made him turn himself in to police. The two then drove to the Sheriff’s Office about 5:30 am Sunday.

Source: The Washington Post
Photo: Twitter

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