New Dad Is There For Baby Boy, Despite Having Lost His Own Father Hours Earlier

A new father brought his two-month-old son to the doctor to get his first round of immunization shots. As the baby got the shots, the dad began crying. He was having a particularly emotional day, considering he'd lost his own father just hours earlier. The touching scene will make you laugh and cry.

It's hard to tell who those first three shots were harder on: the two-month-old infant, or the 29-year-old father. Antwon Lee was filmed with his baby at the doctor's office in Georgia, and the sweet interaction went viral.

The video opens with Lee holding his son, Debias King, and giving him a little pep talk before the shots are administered.

"You gonna stay strong," the dad told his son. "Stay strong, stay strong..." he encouraged the baby.

"I know you gonna cry, but it's okay to cry," the dad reassured the baby. "It's gonna be alright."

The medical professional then calls Lee to bring baby Debias to the table. Upon the first shot, the baby looks startled and bursts into tears. The doting father cries out and showers his son with kisses.

"I know it, I know it," the dad repeats, comforting his son.

The healthcare provider then administers the second shot, and the father shouts again, this time starting to cry.

"I know it, I know it," he repeats, crying.

The third and final shot comes, and the dad wails even louder than the baby this time. By now it's hard to tell who is comforting whom. But the deed is done, and the father scoops up little Debias into his arms.

"I know, they did you wrong," he tells the baby. "I know, explain to daddy... what she do to you?"

"I know, it hurt," the daddy says comfortingly, "You strong, though."

The cute scene ended up going viral and getting 12 million views, but apparently there was even more to the story. Lee's own father had died earlier that day due to complications from drinking.

"It was very hard," Lee says to ABC News in reference to his father's passing. But the young father wanted to be there for his own son.

"I felt his pain but at the same time, it was all about love," he said. "I know he felt the love because his daddy was there."

Debias is no 'cry baby', so seeing his little guy in distress really hit the dad hard at an emotional moment.

Debias is Lee's first child, and he says he never expected his baby would 'be this type of angel'. He is over the moon for the little guy.

"When I hold him and when I talk to him, he just sits there and listens. This is my first time," the dad says. "I let him know: 'Son, I want to see you succeed before I die.... I've got to see you succeed.'"

With a good, loving father like that, Debias is going to do great.

Source: Yahoo, Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline

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