Prisoner Gets Unexpected News From The Judge After Saving A Guard's Life

Antonio Duane Brown was sentenced to one and a half to five years in prison in September, but he was recently resentenced after his heroic actions in jail saved the life of a female corrections officer.

Brown was convicted of fleeing and eluding a police officer, but ended up saving himself a year and half of incarceration for his good deed.

The 31-year-old from Grand Rapids was resentenced today, and will be released from jail by Kent County Circuit Judge Mark Trusock, who required the man to serve at least 18 months in prison in a hearing last

Brown, however, will not be released until an Indiana probation violation is taken care of.

Trusock highlighted that Brown assisted the female corrections officer who was attacked by an inmate on Sept. 14. He probably saved the guard's life.

"You intervened at your own peril and pulled that individual off of her, probably saved her life and protected her from him attacking her again," Trusock noted.

The guard used a remote unlocking system to let inmate Willie Williams out of his cell to get toilet paper. She thought Williams had gone back inside after his door shut and jail cameras showed the cell was locked.

Williams, however, had managed to shut the door and was hiding behind a support pillar.

Williams then chased after the guard when she made her rounds, and attacked her in a control room. Williams then began releasing other inmates from cells.

A total of six or seven inmates assisted the officer, Kent County Sheriff Larry Stelma said. Brown was among the first inmates to respond.

"He came to the officer’s aid. He took the assailant (Williams) and separated him from the officer," Stelma noted. "He was the first one there to help and gave her some reprieve."

Stelma was the one who made the suggestion to Judge Trusock that Brown should be resentenced.

Source: mlive
Photo: YouTube

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