Restaurant Makes Headlines After Saying This About Immigrants

As the president calls to make America great again, he tries to do so by turning his back on some of the country’s most fundamental values: by trying to ban and deport immigrants. One restaurant wants its customers to know that it is totally pro-immigrant. In fact, if you eat there, you ate food prepared by immigrants.

The Plaza Café Southside of Santa Fe, New Mexico started printing a positive message on the bottom of its receipts. “Immigrants make America great! They also cooked your food and served you today,” the message reads.

Manager Belinda Marshall says the establishment wanted to give 'credit where credit was due,' according to Grubstreet. She said initially she was nervous about backlash from the public, but to her delight the responses to the message have only been positive.

Plaza Cafe got the idea from a Brooklyn, New York restaurant. The owner of Kiwiana, Mark Simmons, is a New Zealand immigrant. The former Top Chef contestant started putting a message on his receipts that reads, "Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today).”

In the current heated political environment, it's easy for people to have knee-jerk reactions and rail against those with opposing political views. Even if those people deserve it, the anger and frustration are just permeating the atmosphere with tension and hatred.

Sometimes, a simple, positive act like these restaurant receipt comments make a bigger statement than a dozen angry speeches and protests. Likewise, patronizing businesses willing to take a positive stand like this is more effective than boycotts against businesses when owners express something you disagree with. The positive attitude does a way better job of promoting unity and bringing hope, drawing like-minded people together. It's a statement that few can disagree with, no matter where they stand on the issues of illegal immigration.

Source: The Huffington Post
Photo: The Gateway Pundit

One restaurant owner says immigrants are what make America great.

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