Teachers Can’t Believe The Reason Why This 9-Year-Old Boy Looks Like This (Photos)

In a sad story from China, it seems a nine-year-old boy was repeatedly whipped and even burned by his foster mother for not completing his homework.

Horrific pictures taken in the hospital show scars on the young boy's hands, feet and back. This child abuse case was brought to light when the brave boy informed teachers that his parents were beating him with water pipes and branches, using steam to burn him and poking him with sharp objects.

According to the boy, he was tortured because he could not complete the extra homework his foster mother was constantly assigning him.

Law enforcement authorities note the adopted Chinese boy was hit with a rod, whipped with ropes and kicked by his adoptive mom, who is in her 50s.

The good news is the mother of the boy has been detained by police for "willful and malicious injury,” according to local media reports.

Apparently, the boy was born to a family in eastern China, but was legally adopted when he was six years old by his abusers. The boy has been temporarily placed with his biological parents.

Multiple media sources are reporting the boy’s abusive adoptive parents work as a journalist and an attorney.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Mirror

Boy beaten by his mother over homework.

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