Teen Girl Stabbed Pedophile, Learns Her Fate in Court

For six years, a 14-year-old girl had to live with the torment that the man who was found guilty of sexually abusing her at age 8 was exempt from serving any jail. One day the burden became too much to bear and she sought her revenge.

“I’m going to kill you,” she told her abuser, according to Mirror, when she showed up to his Bradford, West Yorkshire home to stab him in the chest with a large kitchen knife. He survived.

Though jurors found the 56-year-old guilty, he was given a community order with a supervision requirement, avoiding jail time. Thankfully, the teen was also showed leniency by the courts for her crime.

The teen, who immediately turned herself into police after the crime, told courts how she was felt let down by the legal system when her abused harassed and bullied her after walking free. From then on, she was scared he was “going to get her,” the Mirror reports.

The judge said the court would not let her down again. The teen was originally charged with attempted murder, but accepted a guilty plea of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The judge didn’t impose a mandatory victim surcharge and offered to pay it if anyone forced her to. He sentenced her to a two-year youth rehabilitation order with supervision and promised her that “things have changed” in the court system when it comes to pedophiles.

Source: Mirror
Photo: MLive

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