US Embassy Brings 3-Month-Old In For Questioning - Gets More Bizarre

A family planned to travel from London to Orlando, Florida for their newest addition's first big vacation. The grandfather filled out the visa form for his grandson, and made a slight mistake. After that, the U.S. Embassy just couldn't stop eyeing that infant with suspicion.

Paul Kenyon, 62, was planning on taking his 57-year-old wife, Cathy, his 27-year-old daughter, Faye, her 31-year-old partner, their daughter, Ava, and new baby, Harvey, on a big vacation to America. At just three month's old, this would be Harvey's first trip.

Kenyon had to fill out ESTA visa waivers for his family through an automated system. The waivers are supposed to determine whether travelers meet eligibility requirements to visit the United States. Unfortunately, with all the mouse-clicking, Kenyon goofed when he was filling out baby Harvey's form.

One question on the form reads, "Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?"

Kenyon meant to select 'no', of course, but accidentally clicked the 'yes' box.

Harvey's visa was denied, and the U.S. Embassy in London summoned the child to interview him about his terrorist ties. Harvey doesn't exactly look like a hardened criminal, but the embassy was quite unamused about the mistake.

"I couldn't believe that they couldn't see it was a genuine mistake and that a three-month-old baby would be no harm to anyone," said Kenyon to The Guardian. "He's obviously never engaged in genocide, or espionage, but he has sabotaged quite a few nappies in his time... Though I didn't tell them that at the U.S. Embassy."

The trip got delayed, costing the family thousands of dollars, but Harvey was finally cleared. It wouldn't be surprising, though, if security was watching out for him.

Source: AOL
Photo: Radio Islam

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