Woman Stops To Buy Kids' Lemonade - Then They Tell Her Why They're Selling It

As the new year of school approached, two kids realized that they needed to start getting prepared. Their preparations, however, are a bit different from the average child's.

The two kids from North Carolina felt bad because their families couldn't afford new school clothes and supplies. Not wanting their parents to feel that weight on their shoulders, the kids took it upon themselves to raise the money. They opened their own lemonade stand.

For some parents, buying school supplies as the new school year approaches is not a problem. Many families consider it a fun little ritual, and allow kids to stock up on colorful folders and the latest novelty pencils.

For other families, however, it's not a fun time. Low-income families can feel burdened by the tremendous financial strain that the ever-growing school supply lists cause. The typical family spends about $630 years on school supplies, according to statistics, and for some, that's $630 more than they have.

Aniyah Williams, 11, and Isaiah Lattimer, 12, started the 'Sweet and Sour Lemonade' stand in Raleigh to raise money for their own supplies for the upcoming school year. One member of the community saw how hard the kids were working, and wanted to give them a little help.

She rallied some locals.

"I live near there and when I saw him I asked why they were selling it," said Alshamy. "They wanted new clothes and school supplies, so I decided to see how I could help."

Alshamy said she noticed the kids set up their stand on an old refrigerator box. With the help of some neighbors, she managed to get them a proper shade tent, table, water and lemons.

She helped them create a new, sure-fire recipe as well. But she doesn't take any credit for the business.

"I taught them how to roll the lemons and mix all the ingredients so they could make fresh squeezed lemonade for people," she continued. "Everything else was on them."

Alshamy hopes that the little bit of advice she gave the kids will eventually pay off for the budding entrepreneurs.

It's a great educational experience in itself, notes Alshamy. "There's math involved when they're tracking their money each day and they deduct the amount they pay for ingredients," she said.

"So they're learning the basics of good business and how to get along, respect people, be grateful and share."

Aniyah and Isaiah started getting a lot of attention from the community. Police and local grocery stores have started donating supplies so the kids can be a success.

"It's a great effort in terms of what they're doing, trying to sell lemonade to buy school supplies," said another local. James Walker also couldn't help but admire the kids' willingness to work for what they need.

"I just could not go by and not make a contribution."

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" the kids told ABC11. That's their business slogan.

"Every day we at least try to make over $100," Isaiah reported.

Business is booming. The kids are so successful that they’re already thinking about their next business venture. “What's next is we're making hot chocolate in the winter.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Facebook, ABV 11, CW39

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