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Daily Aspirin Cuts Colon Cancer Risk in Half


A paper appearing in The Lancet produced by researchers from the Universities of Newcastle and Leeds in England claims that daily aspirin can lower one's risk of developing inherited cancers by as much as 63 percent compared to a placebo.

The study followed almost 1,000 patients in over a dozen countries. In one arm of the study, patients took two aspirins daily (600 mg) or a placebo. In years past, studies such as these failed to do follow-ups that were long enough to fully uncover and account for developing cancers. For that reason, these researchers did follow-ups 11 years after the study first began, finding that cancer incidence in the placebo group—specifically that of colorectal cancer—was almost double the incidence among the aspirin group.

The paper supports a growing body of evidence that aspirin contains several health-promoting qualities, including cancer-protecting qualities—although scientists are unsure exactly what the mechanism(s) is that makes this so.