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Anniversary Gift Guide - Traditional Gifts For Each Year


You may not know it but when celebrating a wedding anniversary there is a traditional gift for you and your spouse to give to one another. Each year of marriage has a specific type of gift in mind, and with each passing year the gifts get better and you can be more creative. Here is a guide to the traditional gifts for your years of marriage, so if you make it to 60 years of marriage you have time to save up for that big diamond.

1st Anniversary: Paper
Don't take these gift too literally, get creative. Think tickets to a game, opera, etc., or how about a framed photograph
2nd Anniversary: Cotton
Try a more personal gift like clothing or linens, or something for the house
3rd Anniversary: Leather
For the women we hope you get a great handbag, for men you can buy a wallet, briefcase, or jacket
4th Anniversary: Fruits or Flowers
Think about a room covered in rose petals and feed each other some chocolate covered strawberries
5th Anniversary: Wood
You can do furniture, a plant, or perhaps set the romantic mood with a wood burning fireplace
6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron
Iron candy dish? Get creative with sweets
7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper
Think about a copper bracelet or frame, for wool how about a nice sweater or scarf
8th Anniversary: Bronze
Think about a bronze vase, bookends, statue or something nice for the house
9th Anniversary: Pottery
This will be an easy gift to find as you can pick out a nice piece of pottery in a decor that can be a symbol or somewhere you traveled together or somewhere you have a special memory together
10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum
Try a jewelry box, candle holder, vase or something to decorate with
11th Anniversary: Steel
A new car will never disappoint
12th Anniversary: Silk
Lingerie, new sheets, scarf or some fine clothing
13th Anniversary: Lace
Think about a lovely handkerchief, shirt, tablecloth, or get naughty in a lace teddy
14th Anniversary: Ivory
Get musical with a piano
15th Anniversary: Crystal
Think about a lovely vase, figurine, or new champagne flutes to celebrate your 15 years together
20th Anniversary: China
Buy some new pieces or start over with a fabulous new set of fine china to enjoy a romantic dinner together
25th Anniversary: Silver
Nothing is better than jewelry, or perhaps a nice watch or pen
30th Anniversary: Pearl
Earrings, necklace, bracelet or something pearl encrusted always works
35th Anniversary: Coral
A great gift of coral can be decorative pieces for the home or office
40th Anniversary: Ruby
Be creative by buying a ruby red gift like a vase, paperweight, or jewelry
45th Anniversary: Sapphire
As the years go on the jewels get better. For sapphire, get the jewelry or think about a gift with just the color
50th Anniversary: Gold
Congrats on being married for half a century, give the gift of gold by renewing your vows and exchanging new wedding bands
55th Anniversary: Emerald
Think green, take a tropical vacation, get out on the greens with a day of golfing, or when in doubt there is always jewelry
60th Anniversary: Diamond
This anniversary deserves a nice ring and a handsome watch
65th Anniversary: Blue Sapphire
You can try jewelry, or doing something blue, perhaps take a cruise or visit the Blue Grotto in Capri
70th Anniversary: Platinum
Being married for seventy years is an amazing accomplishment and should be celebrated with some new platinum jewelry like bands to show your love
75th Anniversary: Diamonds or Gold
We say combine the two and go with diamonds in gold and enjoy being together and look back at your amazing 75 years together