7 Things Successful People Don't Do

You've probably heard a lot about the habits of highly successful people, and you're aware of what they do. But what they don't do is equally important.

1) They Don't Wallow in Negativity

Negative thoughts, negative people, negative attitudes-- they just bring you down. Successful people stay positive and upbeat.

2) They Don't Make Excuses

People who take responsibility for themselves and their mistakes. When you assign blame to other people and things, you give up control. When you take responsibility, you take control.

3) They Don't Get Envious

Successful People are happy for other people's success, not jealous. They see it as inspiring. They realize it wasn’t handed to a person; it took effort. Seeing what others can achieve motivates them to work even harder.

4) They Don't Focus on Money and Fame

Rewards are nice, but rewards aren’t the goal—they’re the gravy. Instead of thinking about the rewards, they focus on accomplishing the goals that will bring rewards.

5) They Don’t Try to Be Perfect

No one is perfect. Successful people realize this and are able to forgive their own mistakes without letting it get them down. Instead, they try to be productive and pro-active.

6) They Don't Wait for Things

Successful people don't wait for an opportunity to fall into their laps. They go out and hunt it-- or create it. The more opportunity they seek, the more will pan out for them.

7) They Don't Let Failure Stop Them

Failure is part of life. A successful person accepts this. When the milk is spilled, they're already formulating their next plan as they mop it up. Onward, and upward.

Photo: Pexels


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