Asian Inspired Home Decorating: Colors, Textures, and Fabrics

Our homes are extremely special for us and hence we do our best to decorate them to the best of our abilities. What can add a touch of glamour is decorating our homes as per different themes. One such theme that has been garnering a lot of attention and is a classy choice for home décor is the Asian inspired home décor.

The Asian home decor theme uses a lot of bold colors, rich textures, and gorgeous fabrics for drapes, upholstery and interiors. Along with that this theme also uses a lot of wooden artifacts and cabinets as an important element. Let us learn a few tips on remodeling your house inspired by the Asian home décor theme.

The Buddha Statue

The most common and pleasing element of Asian Décor is a Gautama Buddha statue. This effigy is available in stone, clay, brass, bronze and other metals and you can choose from a lot of different sizes. Just one statue in the corner or as a centerpiece can add a lot of charm to your house.


You can display some intricate Chinaware in terms of crockery on the dining table or flower vases in delicate designs on the mantel. There are a lot of porcelain pots in various different sizes to choose from to decorate your home in an Asian theme. Imitation Ming vases are also easily available in the market; you can buy huge or small centerpieces.


Paper lanterns can replace your traditional chandeliers or night lamps. These lamps are easy on the pocket and have their own charm. They add the perfect touch of Asian décor and can be displayed in your living room, dining room, or balcony.

Feng Shui Artifact

Feng Shui artifacts can be placed in the corners of your home as they are supposed to bring peace, prosperity, good health and wealth. Frogs, laughing Buddha statue, turtles, wind chimes, etc. are some of the common Feng Shui Artifacts.

Incense Sticks

Lighting incense sticks is a tradition in most Asian countries that is supposed to calm the senses and wards off evil. If you do not like the smoke caused from incense sticks, you can opt for scented candles that have the same therapeutic effect on the mind.

Dragon and Snake Artwork

The final touch to your Asian inspired home is any artwork or artifact featuring dragons. They are easily available and are perfect for the authentic Asian feel.

Redecorating your home as per an Asian theme is all about small artifacts that can be placed creatively in your home for the exotic Asian feel.

Photo: Pexels


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