Decorating Your Home With A Moroccan Theme

Morocco is the place to go for an exotic vacation with much cultural diversity. Positioned between Africa and Europe, Morocco has many cultures influencing it and because of this, the décor combines all sorts of styles from places like Spain, France, Portugal, and the Mediterranean and African cultures. Moroccan décor is certainly unique and highly inspirational!

Moroccan décor is full of vibrant colors and can be considered quite dramatic. They take the outdoor colors and bring them inside to enjoy. Yellows, oranges, and reds mixed with a variety of other colors mark Moroccan décor as an inside oasis. Many people in the West have become interested in taking this décor and incorporating it into their homes and are very pleased with the results.

Here are some Moroccan elements you can incorporate into your home décor for an exotic and riveting look:


Color is just about everything when it comes to Moroccan themed home décor. Think about the exotic landscape surrounding Morocco and draw colors from it. Take shimmering gold from the sand, ultra-rich orange and reds from the sunsets, yellow from the sun, blue from the bright blue sky, and green for the exotic plants. The brighter the better!


Think iron scroll work for detail on furniture, hand-crafted carved wood, mosaic tables, and rich colored sofas and chairs.


Think luxurious when it comes to fabric, as you want to go for vibrant and rich colors with elaborate textures and designs. You will also want an abundance of patterned throw pillows and cushions in all different colors. Luxurious patterned fabrics are a favored addition to Moroccan style homes, and you can even hang them from the ceiling!


Lamps and pendants are popular Moroccan style and can include colored glass and metal. You want to go for dim lighting via lamps or scented candles to really give off the exotic and oftentimes romantic vibes.


Think dark hardwood for flooring and cover them with intricate designed Persian rugs. Throw some vibrant colored floor cushions on the floor to add unique style. Some people opt to put down ceramic tile as well because it stays cool in the very hot Moroccan weather.


There are plenty of decorative wrought iron mirrors to choose from to accentuate the walls nicely. Take a look at all the choices, including ones that have jewel embellishments and hand-crafted carved wood frames.

Other Accessories

Colorful baskets or pots will add Moroccan style to your home, as well as exotic plants like banana trees. For a Moroccan smell, burn cinnamon or nutmeg incense or burn exotic oils via diffusers.

It is probably best to take a look at the plethora of Moroccan style home décor pictures online to see how you might want to decorate your home. From living rooms to exotic and romantic bedrooms, you can find all sorts of inspired décor right at your fingertips. There are also many websites that offer affordable Moroccan style furnishings and accessories. Have fun with the decoration process as you continue to learn about Moroccan home décor styles.

Photo: Pixabay


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