Here's How To Design A Tuscan Style Kitchen

If home is where the heart is, the kitchen is where the heart is. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen space whipping up delectable culinary creations for your loved ones, so why not reinvent the décor such that it exudes warmth and becomes inviting! An interesting solution is to infuse generous touches of Tuscan décor in your kitchen. After all, a special place certainly deserves special treatment.

The Tuscan décor invokes warm and effervescent imagery of the Italian countryside with the use of gentle hues and textures. The idea of the old, Mediterranean style of the Tuscan kitchen is to be comfortable and pleasant working in and be equally welcoming to the guests.

When designing a Tuscan kitchen, you need to focus on the following elements:

  • Colors – Incorporate gentle colors and earthy hues. Avoid anything too flashy to the eye. You can use hues of gold and yellow, green, orange, brown, cream, red and blue. Each color has a rich significance in the Tuscan way of life and you can never go wrong with incorporating them into the décor of your Tuscan style kitchen.
  • Greenery – Use potted plants, vines growing up trellises or window herb gardens as they uplift the mood and are a must-have in the Tuscan design. Try using herb plants in terracotta pots and lend magic to the Tuscan feel.
  • Elixir of life – Water is rightly called so and the Tuscan kitchen décor gets an immense boost with a tabletop fountain, emanating soothing sounds that induce calm in the kitchen environment while you enjoy the most redeeming experience of cooking for your loved ones.
  • Cooking paraphernalia – Use a lot of copper or metal cooking ware. Hang your pots and pans from the ceiling or make space for them in the wall. There cannot be a more befitting way of paying tribute to the history of cooking in the Tuscany theme.
  • Sync with the elements of nature – Throw in a generous dash of the natural elements. Use wood cabinets, stone countertops, brick and terracotta accents all around the space including the walls and traditional metal art. You can use wooden cutting boards, big wooden knives, and utensils to fuel the Tuscan ambiance.

Interesting tips to complete the Tuscan décor theme:

  • Countertops can look beautiful when accessorized with the right gear. Use crock stone crafted canisters for storage. They look even better when they are embellished with fruit paintings with a natural, handmade appeal. You can use grapes, olives, and other fruit designs to beautify the countertop.
  • The items that have a deep-set association with the Tuscany lifestyle are grapevines, poppies, ivy, olives, olive branches, roosters and cobblestones. Basically, anything with the old world country charm fits into the mold of the rich and eye-catching Tuscan design!
  • Use a wall mural in the form of painted tiles depicting fruits and ingredients of Italian cuisine or wine to create the magic of the Tuscan feel in your culinary space.
  • Imbibe these ideas to redo your kitchen and you will be amazed at the fabulous transformation! It makes the space so inviting that you don’t mind churning out one lip-smacking dish after another for your family.

Photo: Pixabay


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