Decorating a Boy’s Room: Here Are Some Ideas For You

Boys’ rooms can be extremely fun to decorate to add some personality and pizazz to a boring bedroom. Unlike girls’ rooms which have standard colors and themes, boys’ rooms are to be decorated with great care after considering your boy’s tastes and interests. Although many boys do not admit the fact that they do care about the interiors of their room, having a cool and interesting room is definitely important to any boy. There are plenty of unique decorating ideas for a boy’s room. However, before you pick up a theme for the room, remember that it is something that grows with him through the next several years and reflects his personality.

You can try the following themes that will surely work with most young boys:

Sports Theme

Most boys love sports, whether it’s watching them, playing them, or both. They tend to love everything about sports. If your son is into sports, decide the theme based on his favorite sport. For example, if he is an auto racing fan and love bikes and cars, you can decorate his room accordingly. You can choose vibrant colors like red and black for the walls. Get that sporty look to his room with bedsheets and rugs having bike and car prints on them. You can also consider adding display shelves for balls, trophies, and accessories like a baseball lamp if he is a baseball fan.

Military Theme

Many young boys dream of joining military and serving their country. Especially, if the mother or father is in the military, they would look up to them for inspiration. Such boys would love this theme. You can decorate the room with tanks, American flags, guns, desert camouflage, uniforms and planes. Imagine a bed in the shape of a tank with working cannon. Nothing makes the boy happier!

Cartoon Theme

Many kids love cartoons and may have a favorite cartoon character. Decorating your boy’s room with his favorite cartoon character could be one of the best ways to impress him. If your boy has a favorite cartoon character like Sponge Bob or a favorite movie like Monsters Inc. then you should definitely try incorporating such characters in decorating the room. You can get bedsheets, rugs, wallpapers, posters, and other such products with these characters and logos. If you have a knack for painting and drawing, you can sketch the character on the wall and paint it. If your boy loves Sponge Bob, draw and paint large images of Sponge Bob and Patrick on the wall. Your boy will love it!

Apart from the above ideas, you can personalize your boy’s room by framing up your son’s art pieces. That adds to the beauty of your boy’s room. The art pieces do not have to be perfect or look professionally artistic. After all, there is no right or wrong way to create art, as all of it is uniquely beautiful. Keeping it simple and natural makes the room more interesting and an incredible place for your boy.

Photo: Pexels


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