Mirrors Are Part Of Feng Shui’s Reflective Nature

Mirrors are a great addition to any home, and with the art of Feng Shui, can be an aid to bring a wealth of harmony and good energy to the home as well. Most people like mirrors, as they help them to check their appearance or simply add taste to a room. Mirrors as part of decorating Feng Shui style will serve you and your home quite well.

Feng Shui Literally Means Wind and Water

When these two elements are calm and aligned, everything is peaceful and in harmony. When the wind gets fierce, the water will get turbulent. This is why you want to use Feng Shui in your home so that the energy that flows throughout is peaceful and not turbulent.

The element of water is what mirrors will bring to your home because oftentimes when you gaze at water you can see your reflection if the water is calm. In contrast, when water is moving or turbulent, you cannot see your reflection.

Feng Shui experts also assert that mirrors in a room will cause a room to appear larger than it really is. This works great for those rooms that you wish were bigger, like living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms. You can put a picture in any room in your home and know that it will be doing more than just reflecting those who pass by.

Mirrors are known to draw positive energy into your home and cause the energy flow to move smoothly through each room. It doesn’t really matter the size of the mirrors.

Feng Shui mirrors fall into three categories: Typical, concave, and convex. Typical mirrors are round, oval, or square and can have metal or wood frames. It is said that a round mirror with a gold frame will attract wealth and abundance. Concave and convex mirrors are normally used outside of the home.

Mirror No-No’s

Facing the Front Door. Feng Shui experts assert that you should not place a mirror facing the front door of the home because it will push away positive energy from entering the home. The front door is said to be the “mouth of the house” according to Feng Shui, so you want positive energy to be taken in through the front door and be free to flow through the rooms. If you have a mirror facing the front door, simply take it down and put it up in a location that is not in direct sight of the door.

Facing the bed. Do not place a mirror in your bedroom that is facing your bed, as Feng Shui experts assert that it draws your energy from you as you sleep and it could invite a third party into your relationship with your partner. It might be best to remove all mirrors from the bedroom for optimal harmony and energy flow to occur there.

Best Places to Hang a Mirror

If you put a mirror in the Southeast part of the home, it will attract wealth and abundance. If a mirror is placed in the East part of the home, it will foster health. The North part of the home will foster a good career path in life.

Go ahead and utilize mirrors according to Feng Shui principles and foster wonderful energy flow throughout your home. You should be able to notice a feeling of calm and peace as you go about your daily activities. Feng Shui is certainly the way to decorate your home and experience harmony each day.

Photo: Pexels


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