Top 5 Decorating Secrets That Will Refresh Your Home

Owning your dream home is a blessed feeling, however, not everyone gets to live their dream. Budget and space constraints are the major reason for us to make amendments with our dreams; however, that doesn’t mean you cannot twist your décor once in a while for a plush or a trendy feel to your home.

You can make minimal changes on a modest budget that can make a huge difference to your home. Here are the top 5 decorating secrets that will bring about a refreshing change in your home.

It is OK to Mismatch

People tend to follow themes while decorating, but sometimes people cross a line and the house can lose its individualism in the bargain. Design your house with things that you like to have around you. It could be a Victorian armchair besides a contemporary leather sofa set. As long as you find it aesthetically pleasing and like them both next to each other, you have no reason to replace one item. Remember your home is supposed to be your comfort space and not a theme park.

Monochromatic Designs

Neutral colors that blend in the surrounding are aesthetically pleasing on the eye and also have a modern charm. If you want, you can add a pop of color in terms of pillows on your sofa or a white rug on the floor. White may seem like a plain color, but it works really well with almost every shade and also helps in giving a wide illusion to your space.

Keep it Clutter-Free

Try to keep the walls bare as much as you can with an exception of a few family portraits or any artwork of your choice. The same rule applies to your living space in your bedroom, living rooms or dining rooms; keep the furniture minimal and focus on open spaces.

Revive Your Old Furniture

Old sofas or settees that look old and tattered can be remodeled by stitching new covers and sprucing up the cushions. Apart from getting a new look for your home, you save a lot of money; so this indeed is a win-win situation.

Rustic or Antique Elements

Antiques can be expensive, but you can get some good bargains in pawn shops or pottery barn for brass-ware or other rustic artifacts that add an old world charm to your home.

You can decorate your home one step at a time and keep mismatching elements till you get the look you are finally happy with. It is simple and much easy on the pocket as opposed to redecorating the entire house.

Photo: Pexels


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