Using Feng Shui to Decorate a Baby’s Room

I’m sure you cannot wait to finally welcome your little bundle of joy into this world. Although you have nine long months of carrying your wonderful little baby, you have those nine months to prepare for its arrival. One of the most exciting things you can do to prepare for your baby is decorate the nursery.

Decorating the baby’s room can be fun, yet somewhat daunting because I am sure your mind is flooding with ideas and expectations. When you are starting to decorate your baby room, you could always use Feng Shui beliefs to help guide your decisions.

Placement of Furniture

Once you have purchased all the furniture your baby will need, you will then need to place it in the room. Many parents choose to place the crib with the long side up against the wall. What you should remember is that the baby’s crib should be placed the same way your bed is placed. If you are using a normal, four- wall room, the baby’s crib should be placed on the wall parallel to the door and never in a corner as it puts the baby in a defensive position. All other furniture should be placed in the same way it would be if it was in your bedroom.

Colors and Themes

Many parents decide that they want a theme for the baby’s room. Common themes include the jungle, wild animals, and underwater themes. Although these are very popular themes, they are not always the best. Dangerous animals should never be a theme in your child’s room. If you have lion’s, tiger’s, or any other jungle animal on your child’s wall, it can bring a sense of fear. There should also never be any sharp objects in your baby room.

When you are choosing colors for the baby’s room, think of colors that are neutral and fun. Colors like light yellow, blue and light pink are perfect because they are fun but also very relaxing and calm, although any pastel color will suit your baby. Black and white colors should not be used in a baby room because they are too much of opposite’s and can make it hard for the baby to concentrate. With whatever colors you choose, make sure you have curtains that can block out the light when it is time for a nap.


Finding little things such as lamps, pictures, and little stuffed animals for your baby’s room is always fun and adds something special to the room. If you find a picture of a pretty flower blossoming in the sun, add it to the room. If you find a big giraffe stuffed animal, put it somewhere that it can be seen. Items that make you smile will make your baby smile and will attract positive energies. Try not to clutter the nursery, but keep it simple, as this promotes good energy flow. Never use anything scary in your baby’s room as that can attract negative energies. As long as your baby is in a home full of love, positive energies will surround your little bundle of joy at all times.

Photo: Pexels


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