What Should I Avoid When Decorating My Home?

Most people scour the internet for tips and information when it comes to home decorations. This article is going to be a little different. Instead of telling you what you should do about color in your living room or how you should use Feng Shui to create chi in your bedroom, we’re going to share some things that you should avoid doing when decorating your home.

Do not keep your walls plain white unless you absolutely have to.

There are, of course, cases that you can’t avoid (not being allowed to paint in an apartment, for example). Many times, it makes everything against and on the wall look very odd.

Do not go through the home decorating process by yourself.

We’re self-centered and think that everything that we do is “correct” when that just may not be the case. Having another pair of hands and eyes to help you out can make the process much easier and help you prevent backtracking later on. You can even hire a designer for a couple of hours to help you.

Never, ever, ever start a home decorating project without having a set budget.

Too many people end up going into outrageous debt because they didn’t set an amount before they started buying items. Don’t make your budget too low, either; be realistic in terms of your income and what you want.

It’s a bad idea to have everything in your home fresh and new.

It sounds strange, but you actually want to have a few things in your home that look older or more “vintage.” If everything in your home is spiffy and shiny, you run the risk of making your home look sterile. Having older items will help give your home a warm and cozy feel.

Don’t be afraid to be eccentric.

Too many people will match everything to a “T’ in order to prevent any concern of mismatching. But if you match and coordinate everything too closely, it can look really dull and flat. So what you need to do is throw in something unexpected. That’s part of the philosophy behind putting children’s artwork on the fridge in the kitchen – it adds something unexpected to the area (and it makes the child feel great as well).

If you follow these instructions and avoid these big home decorating don’ts, you’re going to have a much easier time making determinations about design, budget, and development during your home decoration journey.

Photo: Pexels


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