One of The Key Things to Do Before You Consider Marrying Him

There is one sure-fire way to put any promising relationship to the test: take a trip together. Traveling with your sweetie will let you see just how compatible you really are.

See His True Colors

Travel isn’t all glamorous. It can be exhausting, stressful, and hurls you out of your comfort zones. If you're still wearing your relationship masks, they’ll come off when traveling. When things go wrong, will you laugh it off together? Support each other? Turn on each other? Travel can bring a couple closer, or make you wonder, "What was I thinking when I hooked up with this guy?"

Together 24/7

When traveling, you’re going to be together a lot. This is very different than just spending a night or a weekend together, or being home with other things to occupy you. It's prime bonding time. With no distractions, you can totally focus on each other.

After 6 days joined at the hip, you’ll be dying to get away from each other or more in love than ever.

This is a great litmus test. After all, how are you going to live together if you can't stand being cooped up together for a week?

It Sets the Tone

If you’re thinking, “this might be The One,” then traveling is a way to get off on a good foot. According to the 'Travel Effect', couples who travel together are happier and keep the romance alive. When you travel, you do things you wouldn't normally do-- this keeps things fresh and exciting. You also bond over shared experiences and memories.

So before you make any plans to get serious, don’t consult a wedding planner—consult a travel agent. A lot of questions can be answered by a single trip.

Photo: Pixabay


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