Then and Now: How Dating Has Changed

If you want to see the effects of the sexual revolution, all you have to look at is how dating has changed over the past few decades. Whether you think it’s better or worse depends largely on your generation; but to compare dating then and now, the differences are almost startling.

Courtship vs. Sportsmanship

Then, you dated when you thought there was the potential that things could get serious. Dating was a way to gradually get to know each other.

Now, dating is like casual sport: you play the field, you throw the ball back and forth into each other's court, plan your next move. It's the mating game.

Romance vs. Sex

Then, a man would show up at the door with flowers. He'd open doors and hold out chairs. The date, and just being together, was the big event to which you both looked forward.

Now, dating seems to be a litmus test to determine if you've found a suitable hookup. Couples meet at the bar or restaurant the way you'd meet for a business deal, and size each other up. The big event is what might happen after the date.

Role Reversal

Then, men had a lot of obligations when it came to dating. They had to do the asking, plan the date, pick her up, pay, and if there were to be any touching guys had to make the first move. Women had few choices to make and little say. This put a lot of pressure on the guy and created an imbalance of power.

Now, women have as much freedom as men to do the inviting or make the first move. She can pay, or they can go Dutch. She gets a say; he gets relief from having to be in control.

Photo: Pexels


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