The Benefits of Having a Big Sister

All sibling rivalry and family arguments aside-- if you grew up with a big sister, you're probably luckier than you realize. There are a lot of benefits to having someone lead the way for you, and a relationship between sisters is like few others you'll ever experience.

She Paves the way

Your sister was the pioneer who went out into the family and community. She broke your parents in. She tested the waters at school. She had to figure things out on her own.

Her invaluable gift to you is that you had someone to fill you in so you would know what to expect. You caught a break with her clearing a bit of the path for you.

She'll Let You in on Things No One Else Will

Who else would let you watch R-rated movies when you're 11? Who else will tell you the best way to French kiss? Who else is going to give you tips on where mom hides the Christmas gift stash? Your sister is about the only one in the family you can count on for figuring out such important mysteries.

She’ll Give You Honest Feedback

Are you acting like a jerk? Do those jeans make you look fat? Does the cute quarterback even know if you exist? Ask your sister. She will tell you. Better yet, get her angry—she’ll yell it at you.

No one in the world who loves you as much as your sister does will ever be as honest with you. While it may be frustrating at times, it’s also refreshing.

She’ll Always Have Your Back

No matter how much you two don’t get along, no matter how much you fight at family gatherings or what kind of scathing E-mails you send each other, there’s one thing for sure: your sister will have your back if you really need it.

Sure she thinks you’re a pain in the butt, but you’re her pain, and no one else is allowed to talk bad about you.

Photo: Pixabay


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