The Dreaded Friend Zone

Many people have been to the dreaded friend zone. If you are placed in the friend zone by someone you adore, feelings can be hurt and tensions can flare. With any relationship there are rules that should be followed and rules that should be broken. Certain things you do can put you in the friend zone without you even realizing it. There are reasons why you are being placed in the friend zone that you can control. With these tips, you can be assured that your days of being in the friend zone are over.

Constantly talking.

I understand that if you are interested in someone you want to talk to them constantly. You want to always be there for them for reassurance, support, and love. One common mistake that people make is always being available to the person you are interested in. Have you ever heard of playing hard to get? This phrase could not be truer. If you are constantly being “too friendly” with the one you like, you could easily be placed in the friend zone. Take some time apart to give your friend time to realize how much they truly are interested in you.

Date other people.

Yes, this can be hard if you are truly interested in one person but if you allow yourself to mingle with other people, you are making yourself less available. The one you are interested in will notice your lack of time and communication and will seriously consider their feelings for you. By dating other people, you are accepting the fact that you are single.

Be a challenge.

If you are already in the friend zone, I am sure you are unhappy about it and wonder what you can do to change that circumstance. Take the theory of playing hard to get seriously. People love a challenge. If you are already in the friend zone, there is really nothing to risk if you are unhappy with your position in their life. Give them time to focus on what they want and they will come to you.

Accept it if you have to.

Sometimes you have to accept that the one you’re crushing on just isn’t into you. You’re friends and that’s all it will ever amount to. If you’ve been waiting, giving hints, etc. and still you’re in the friend zone, accept the fact that your crush is not your future partner. Move on as best as you can.

Being placed in the dreaded friend zone is not what anyone wants. Take these tips and apply them to your life. Always remember to treat the one you are interested in with respect and care. Along with these tips, let the one you are interested in know how much you care about them. Things will work themselves out only if you do not try too hard.

Photo: Pexels


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