Lawn Care Tips For Late Summer

As late summer approaches, it is a good idea to learn how you can take care of your lawn, repair any parts that suffered damage from the hot summer, and get it ready for winter. Summer is a time for kids running through the yard, insects munching on your flowers and grass, and shrubs growing at record rates. Here are some handy lawn care tips you can use as summer nears the end.

1. Assess your entire yard.
Take a notebook and a pen and walk around your entire yard to assess for damage or areas that need some help. If you find distressed areas, write down the signs so you can address the situation.

2. Make a plan.
Take a look at the list you made and determine what the solution is for each problem. For example, if one area of your yard is heavily shaded by trees and the grass has not grown very well, write down possible solutions for now and for next spring. Perhaps you could set a water sprinkler near that patch of grass. Additionally, if you run into some shrubs or flowers that are distressed with disease, you could hire a lawn care service to address the situation and let you know your options.

3. Get your soil tested.
If your lawn is not growing as it should, you might want to hire a lawn care service to test your soil to see if it has the right amount of pH levels and nutrients. The soil could just need some tender loving lawn care by professionals so that next spring you will begin to see the healthy lawn that you once adored.

4. Take care of pests.
In the hotter climates pests like ants, mole crickets, and chinch bugs are fairly common and they can cause your lawn some problems. You can take care of these pests now so that they will not be a problem over the winter or in the spring. You can use natural pest control or call in the lawn care professionals so they can use their handy solutions.

5. Fertilize problem spots.
If you have problem spots in the yard, think about using fertilizer to get them blooming again. If you are not sure what kind of fertilizer to use, visit your local nursery and bring a picture of the area. They may be able to help you out just by looking at the picture.

6. Mow grass.
Go ahead and give your grass one last mow for the season and if there is a lot of mulch be sure to rake it up. You want your grass trim and fit when the winter season rolls around.

As you get ready for winter to come, do your best to get your yard taken care of so you can relax all winter with no worries about the yard. If there are branches or piles of leaves, be sure to remove them so that the grass does not die underneath. You might want to check the yard periodically over the winter to assure that it stays clear of debris.

Photo: Pixabay


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